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Start a journey toward a healthier lifestyle

CrossFit is a lifestyle, and it's one that focuses on overall fitness and a fun and dynamic workout program. Bennington CrossFit brings the skilled instructors and quality facilities you need to get and stay healthy.


You'll quickly see and feel results from our CrossFit classes and Advanced Strength training programs, developing a healthier life.

An ever-changing workout

CrossFit is a unique experience. Our classes change every day and your workout will constantly vary, giving you a full-body experience with proven results.

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A variety of unique classes

We have classes for individuals of all levels, from introductory CrossFit class to one-hour, rigorous training and lifting classes.

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Experienced and friendly coaches

Our local coaches have a passion for CrossFit and an even greater desire to help you reach your goals. Our coaches are here for your success.

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Upcoming Activities


Updated Schedule

In order to better meet your scheduling needs, we will be shifting some of our quieter class times to Open Gym hours.


During Open Gym, you are welcome to lift, do skill work, complete a WOD you missed, or whatever you chose!

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USAPL Sanctioned Meet

We will be hosting a USA Powerlifting sanctioned meet on Saturday, September 26th.


This has been moved from July 18th in order to give you more time to prep!

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